The DIPG tutorial I submitted for EDIT 6190 and video PSA I submitted for EDIT 6500, in addition to being deeply personal projects, are examples of more rhetorical craft in learning design. The most important aspect of that product was the mimetic reconstruction of a true-life sort of guided learning experience. The natural sense of pathos and solemnity and personalization of the subject is what made the learning environment design of this product compelling. As much as possible, I wanted to mimic the phenomenon of learning about this cancer as I learned it, by another’s experience as it was shared in real time, mostly via social media. The far transfer, soft skill learning goal is a powerful generative learning experience, which makes it difficult to evaluate. However, it has proven a valuable resource. The learning module is housed on my personal web space, managed and maintained by me. The PSA video has been viewed nearly 44,000 times as of this writing and still gets about 1,000 views a month.

In a team project for EDIT 7550, I took the initiative to convert the text-only story in a tutorial on cyberbullying to create a video that I thought conveyed the pathos and seriousness of the content. The video is brief, but for the purposes of teaching children about the dangers of cyberbullying and the emotional toll on victims of cyberbullying, it was more effective.