I recognized a learning need in my cohort and designed a tutorial to help people get started with using an online tool for creating the website required for our program. After spending several hours of after EDIT 6190 class time with panicked adult learners in my courses who sought help with navigating digital design spaces that were, in some cases, very new to them, I had developed a clear understanding the learner culture and the learning need to design a possible solution. It so happened we were learning about cognitive processing, behaviorism, Vygotsky, Piaget and social constructivism in that semester. I was able to recognize my role as a more knowing other, to identify from my understanding of learner culture how best to address the complexity of the learning task of using an online website builder tool to create a website. From our course studies I was able to identify this as a procedural near transfer learning objective, to segment and prompt design elements in my tutorial, starting with an intro to using which enabled me to reduce cognitive load for the learning goal. Included in the gallery to the right is a promo video for this Wix tutorial product. Below are writings on future trends and on paradigms in instructional technology.

The EDIT 6900 research methods course of our program was probably one of the most useful for me personally. It involved the most challenging part of the program that did not involve much of my previous design experience. As a reformed mathphobe, it was easy to presume the math involved would make the course unpleasant. However, the class as it was taught was very accessible, and, most importantly, all of the math was explained in context and only to the extent needed to acquire the facility to complete the necessary tasks. The tutorials made the content of the course understandable, and I was able to produce relevant artifacts such as the mini-research study in which I collected data on my sleep hours. I also conducted an interview with a research scientist who traveled to Puerto Rico for the hurricane recovery effort and submitted a research proposal on legitimation code theory (LCT) that will be very useful in my future doctoral studies.

In EDIT 7550E Project Management with Dr. Branch we worked on group and individual projects. For our group I was able to contribute a multimodal (video) element to the static design proposed for a module on cyberbullying which is featured on the implementation theme page. I also produced a scope document for a website project proposal and an essay on the essential components of team project work as shown in the link below.

Writings: Future Trends/Tech  |  Paradigms  |  PM: Scope Document |  PM: Team Work