In the IRB tutorial product for EDIT 6200, the prototype the prototype was designed to address the problem of an overwhelming number of phone calls to the Office of Human Subjects (OHS) at UGA, regarding the initiation of new studies to the Institution Review Board (IRB). Due to the longitudinal objective of reduced calls to the OHS office over time, summative evaluation data was not available for the prototype, however, formative evaluations and feedback were positive on user experience, navigation, look/feel, ease of use, use of media and quizzes. The evaluation report for that product is included with the asset for review. 

Several of the products created for our program involved the use of assessment and evaluation tools. The infographic tutorial for the EDIT 7350 element includes the pre and post assessment data collected using Google Forms with graphic illustrations of the outcomes. In addition to designing the infographics tutorial for 7350, I participated in a team evaluation project for a financial policies tutorial for the UGA Carl Vinson Institute for Government. The document for that team evaluation is included below.

Additional documents:  Infographic Assessments  |  IRB Evaluation Report  |  Evaluation Report