In the infographic tutorial I designed for EDIT 7350, I used a brief questionnaire to conduct the learner analysis by creating learner profiles. The need, learning about infographics, was determined first by the learner’s calibration of their own prior knowledge on the subject of infographics as it was reflected by their answers on the questionnaire. A pre-instruction quiz served as both a performance assessment to determine prior knowledge and as a pretraining prompt to set up cognitive triggers for material that would be found in the learning design. In the case of this particular group of learners, the need and performance gap information from the learner profiles also provided an opportunity to personalize the learning experience. I created an infographic of the learner profile data, on which the feedback from the learners and the instructor was overwhelmingly positive. Once the needs were assessed and the level of performance gap determined, I analyzed the required tasks to deliver needed instruction and partitioned tasks for execution. This product enlisted many of Gagne’s nine events of instruction, gaining attention with an attractive interface, informing learners of the objectives, presenting content in a guided format and assessing the performance.  The design, assessment and evaluation documents included in my portfolio submission reflect the objectives and successful results of this project.

Additional documents: Learner Profiles | Design Plan | Assessments