Liz Melendez, M.Ed.

Instructional Designer, Content Creator

After a long career as a professional musician, Liz Melendez is known to many as a talented music artist. However, life in the music business for Liz also meant a life learning about people, design, communication, marketing, and media. Since buying her first Mac in the 1990s, Liz has taken the job of creating great design content every bit as seriously as music. 


'I've always been grateful for my graphic design experience, and I've made use of that skillset with both permanent and freelance jobs in design, marketing, publishing, and photography. Every artistic element generated to promote my music was created by me, with the same heart and soul that had created the music I was promoting. I always saw music and graphic design as a complete creative package representing who I was as a an artist.


"More recently, I have been privileged to spend the past 8 years teaching music – opening the musical experience to learners of all ages. Having the opportunity to bring my love of teaching and my love of design together with my instructional design master's degree has been a wonderful professional transition.


"Using design to solve problems and to optimize human potential

is the highest calling for me as a designer and as an artist."

"The acquisition of instructional design tools, learning theory, ADDIE design strategies and research in pedagogy, cognitive processing, motivation and engagement has greatly enriched my design acumen.
The migration of client work as a graphic designer to project management, design and development of  eLearning products with SMEs was a natural growth and transition of skills. I'm interested in continuing to use the wealth of my experience to continue creating outstanding instructional, training, and educational products. Using design to solve problems and to optimize human potential is the highest calling for me as
a designer and as an artist."


Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc), Articulate Storyline, Microsoft Office Suite, LMS, CMS, Camtasia, Captivate, SCORM, video/audio editing software, instructional video software tools (ex. Vyond, whiteboard)


Areas of particular strength and interest:

  • learning communication and messaging

  • effective communication in motivation and engagement

  • visual communication, information hierarchies, and cognitive processing

  • learner/audience analysis

  • media and digital learning environments

  • blended and flipped instructional design

  • assessment and evaluation design


Click here to view samples of previous graphic design work.